About Tastee Cheese

Tastee cheese is a uniquely processed canned cheese that is manufactured in Jamaica by Dairy Industries (Ja) Ltd.

A slice of tradition

Excite the palate with a slice of the Real Jamaican flavour fi true from a can bursting with intense flavour and nutrition ideal for the entire family.

An Easter Tradition

Tastee cheese consumption is a strong tradition for Jamaicans at Easter time and is consumed mainly with spiced buns. A large portion of cheese is consumed around the Easter holidays each year.

Though the highest demand for cheese is during the Easter Season, Tastee Cheese is a year round staple providing unique meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner for many homes.

Cheese Month

September is now celebrated as cheese month in Jamaica, New York and Florida.

In September 2009, a second Cheese season was conceptualized and introduced to Jamaica and was eventually rolled out to the diaspora in New York in September 2010 and for the first time in Florida in September 2018.

Cheese month’s aim is to celebrate and reinforce the goodness of Tastee Cheese and to reward cheese consumers with a second cheese season to indulge.

In August 2020 the Jamaican diaspora in North America was introduced to the inaugural Cheesipendence celebration to commemorate the deep connection between the iconic Jamaican Tastee cheese and the Jamaican independence celebration in that region.

Make Everyday Tastee

It’s not just for Easter! Enjoy Tastee Cheese all year round.

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