Tastee Canned Cheese

Nutrition Facts: 

Health Benefits: 

Tastee Cheese is a nutritious and delicious product that provides vitamins and minerals to the consumer.  Some of the known nutrients are:

  • Protein - Promotes growth and development
  • Calcium - Provides strong and healthy teeth & bones
  • Phosphorous - Works with B vitamins to release energy from fat, protein and carbs     
  • B Vitamins - Important for healthy eyes and skin
  • Magnesium - Essential for all cells in the body
  • Zinc - Important for healing wounds 
  • Vitamin A - Promotes healthy skin

Tastee Canned Cheese

Tastee Cheese is a taste Jamaicans know and love worldwide. Made from top quality cheddar cheese from New Zealand, Tastee cheese is a blend of the finest cheese which gives it its unique taste. Tastee Cheese is available islandwide in convenient packages - from our smallest size (250g) in an easy open can to 500g with a convenient storage cover to 1kg (the most “gifted” cheese) to 2.2kg the most cut cheese. Tastee Cheese is also available in 220g and 440g vacuum sealed refrigerated packs – even more convenient for the consumer.